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What you will come across and get if you choose SelvaLife to travel to the Jungle – the world of power plants:

  • Individuality
  • Safety: solitude but not loneliness 
  • A different way of interaction with power plants 
  • Reliability 
  • Professionalism 
  • Effectiveness 


The individuality of the retreat, which you have chosen, means neither

  • A separate comfortable house, you are provided with, nor
  • A proffecianal guide, who is always at your sevice.

It doesn’t refer to

  • The plants, except Ayahuasca, which are prepared specifically for you, or
  • Preparation of your own medicine, or
  • Gathering and preparing the medicine, which you do yourself, in case you can feel your inner readiness and power, and taking in the medicine, following the instructions of Power.

The way to interact specifically with you, chosen by the power plant, defines the individuality of the retreat. The plant chooses and guides.

And there are no go-between people, who you may like or dislike, trust or disbelieve.

Safety: solitude but not loneliness

Living in solitude you will learn not to feel lonely.

The specialist, the person who guides you, waches all the processes you experience and interferes only in case it's necessary to support. He either stops you or helps you to go further.

And it isn't everything! The plants will always accompany you. Ayahuasca will teach you to communicate without contacting. It will set you free from your fears and show you the source of the inner power, which gives you confidence and makes you feel at peace with all the world.

Depending on the retreat and the way you communicate to the plants the involvement of the person who guides you will be modified. The longer your retreat is, the less depeded from the outside interference you become.

A different way of interaction with power plants

Most local shamans haven't precticed retreats despite having offered them a lot recently. Healing plants or magic-manipulation is what they really know and can propose to you.

Ayahuasca has revealed to us another way of interaction with plants. It's direct without any intermedium, providing communication on equal terms. We have been shown that everyone is able to do it now. Ayahuasca has taught us to move on our own and guide other people. The people who work in our team are not shamans or intermedia, we are assistants. This is the main difference of our retreats. 


The plants, you interact here with, are not bought at the market. Our team has a specialist in plants, descended from a reknowned family of plant pickers. All the plants in the Jungle are his real friends. He isn't afraid of the jungle or its spirits, they always help him to find the right plants.

We are constantly replanting and increasing the population of power plants in the place where the retreats take place. The old plants, having grown here for more than ten years, and the new ones create a unique space for life.


The processes, which people undergo accompanied by the plants, are efficient having their own depth and uniqueness. There are a lot of modern methods of psychological work, in groups and individual, which are good but have some drawbacks. All of them are concentrated on the leader or master. This makes you look for a certain person with high qualification level or acceptable personal features in stead of solving your own problems.

Once you come across Amazon power plants, you feel respect towards them and realize their power, individuality and readiness to help people. No one can doubt their “professionalism”, “level of competence" or “work experience")))



Power plants work with every person absolutely without any intermedia. They directly show the problem, rememberings, states, emmirsing the person into them. In some cases they totally set you free from them. In other cases they start with showing the way out and accompany you “holding your hand", then they make you repeat and practice the new skill. Many processes might be somehow scarcely described in words but most of them are totally above any description. At the same time plants make every person be actively involved in the processes. This is the depth (subconsciuosness or even much deeper) which contemporary science hasn’t been able to reach yet. So, no matter what kind of interaction with plants you may have, it will definitely set you closer to your objective.

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