Ayahuasca retreat and food tips

During a long term Ayahuasca retreat, depending on your objectives, your diet may be either very strict (fish + bananas or rice) or just unvaried and bland (fish + 3-4 ingredient main dish + 1-2 season fruits). The objective of these restrictions is not to eliminate some certain products but to get rid of taste diversity in food in general.

During a short term retreat there’s still some diversity, but certain products are eliminated.

Products which are prohibited:

·       All kinds of cheese (except cottage cheese) especially spicy and cured; milk, cream and other dairy products

·       Ice-cream

·       Syrops and other dessert toppings and confectionery sauces

·       All kinds of biscuits and cookies

·       Red wine, beer, liqueur, whiskey, ale

·       Smoked products, salami, chicken and beef  liver, chicken paste, meat broth, marinades, products made of cooked meat, fried  poultry (domestic or wild fowl)

·       Caviar, smoked fish, herring (dried or salted)

·       Yeast (differend kinds)

·       Protein adjuncts

·       Beans, lentils, soya and soya juice

·       Sour cabbage

·       Overripe fruit

·       Sweet bananas, citrus, avocado

·       Dried fruit: raisins, figs, plums, raspberries, cranberries

·       Spices

·       Salt, sugar

·       Chocolate

·       Caffeine, theobromine, theophylline (coffee, tea, mate, coka-cola)

You should be careful with the following products:

·       White wine, port wine

·       Strong alcoholic drinks (respiratiry depression might be provoked)

·       Fermented dairy products (yogurt, etc)

·       Spinach

·       Soya sauce

·       Some fruits, like pineapple, coconuts

·       Peanuts


Sanango and Camalonga retreats and food tips

Irrespective of retreat duration severe food restrictions are essential. The so called “white diet" consists of some kinds of fish, plantains (a kind of green cooking bananas), rice, potatoes, yucca (manioc). One week after the diet it's prohibited to eat eggs, animal and plant fat (any variations), sugar, salt, citrus, dairy products, chocolate and coffee.


Retreats and Food

The diet of Amazonian Indians was always modified when they, having different objectives, started communicating to plans. It was as habitual as breating. They knew what and when to eat. Plants told them about it. The Indians were always able to hear plants.

Contemporary people have forgotten how to hear the world and plants. They haven’t been taught to do it. That’s why we do need some tips to know which products are allowed and which are prohibited to eat. And of cause, to satisfy our acquisitive mind it would be useful to explain these restrictions using contemporary scientific terminology.

It's worth mentioning that contemporary researchers of Amazon plants confirm the experience of ancient Indians, partially explaining only some aspects without taking into consideration the integrity of events perception.

That's why you will not find here scientific articles about the effects of the substances contained in amazonian plants on human biology and physiology. There are just some tips which you can find here.

Any long term retreat with plants (more than 2 weeks) requires your body to be prepared. So, at least one week before it, it's advisarable to minimize the amount of food you normally eat. You should consume less meat, animal fat, dairy products, sugar, salt, spices, chocolate, coffee and alcohol. Pork, dairy products, coffee and alcohol are strictly prohibited thee days before the retreat.

While finishing your retreat your ration is becoming more varied, taking into consideration recommendations in regards to the products which are prohibited.

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