About Ayahuasca:

Interes of people in ayahuasca has multiplied in the last 5 years. Many people try to cultivate ayahuasca in jungle of Bali and Indonesia but her motherland tropical rain forest of Latin America were eternally saturated with magic and mystic of plants. Still now you can find space for Ayahuasca can indicate a new direction for lifepersonal shamanic or healing retreats.

In several countries of South America, such as Peru, ayahuasca is considered to be a national treasure.

Ayahuasca can indicate a new direction for life, take the stress and loneliness off, find the way out of long-standing and intractable conflicts, improve the health, discover new sides of the life... It can be interesting for any person to meet with ayahuasca.

This meeting will not only benefit but it will also be one of the most unbelievable adventures in your life.

We have been developing  and supporting the space of ayahuasca retreats for more than 12 years. Ayahuasca retreat makes it possible to realise and maximize new experience or to clear well overlooked old experience. You will enter a new life with new skills for improving the life.

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What we have in supply:

  • Personal retreats,
  • Mini group retreats,
  • Healing retreats,
  • Shamanic retreats,
  • Tours for getting to know jungle and mountains of Peru.

Travel with us!

All directions of our tours will be interesting for you. You can go deeper or you can swim broader. What will you choose today?

There are two different full-fledged lines in Amazonian jungle. The first one is the line of personal retreats, and the second one is group ceremonies.

We have also worked up some powerful routes in the Andes mountains for you.

There are 3 areas, 3 teams (of people and plants) and 3 different forms of interaction with Plants of Power and the world. 

About us:

Nativos Global is successor of Selva Amazonica. We grew up interacting with Amazonian jungle and our roots run deep here in the jungle. Our work with ayahuasca and other plants became deeper and greater at the same time. 

Nativos Global develops and extends other lines of action. All of them lead to anhancing quality of life, readjustment of attencion and empowerment, despite the apparent remoteness from the once defined objectives.

Some projects, such as the ecological real estate project (saving of the jungle, eco-settlements, villas in Peru), high-technology agriculture (hydroponics in Peru), initial processing of agriculture products, production of ecological furniture and building materials, have already been set up. 

Everything, what Nativos Global does, frees up planet's resources and targets them for development and creation.

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