Ayahuasca - what is it?

Ayahuasca - the liana of life from the Amazon jungle
Ayahuasca - Guide and leader
Ayahuasca - is the earth and Ayahuasca is us.

Ayahuasca retreat and other power plants of the jungle Your main leader in the retreat is Ayahuasca as well as volunteer plants.

Dozens of plants from Amazonia that help, support, heal and refuel the body and thus create a solid basis for your journey.

Ayahuasca from the Amazon
Ayahuasca Reatreat

Retreat - What, How, Why?

Retreat is the turning of the face to the world and the necessary isolation (complete seclusion) from human society. In this sense, also from like-minded people.

• Retreat is the jungle and the safe personal space
• Retreat is Ayahuasca, which helps not to fall and not to fall into a tenacious state when forced choices and decisions lose power over the person. Ayahuasca, which helps to find your own inner core and to find support outside the boundaries of the mind
• Retreat- is minimal interference from other people in your process, but a necessary aid to your mind and body

• Man is able to understand Ayahuasca and himself independently, without intermediaries

The retreat can be closed at any time if you have hidden or distorted information about your physical and mental health, about diagnoses (of any age), about obsessive-compulsive disorder, about pharmaceutical preparations, drugs and psychotropic substances of natural or synthetic origin that you have taken or are taking.

Retreat rules

Your "events" begin at the moment you enter the jungle and not the moment you drink ayahuasca.

Everything that happens to you in the retreat, including everyday events, are situations first of all for you.

We set mandatory payment terms:

• individual retreat - 10% advance payment, healing - 50% advance payment;

• prepayment and / or full payment are not refundable in any way.

Types, forms and methods of payment will be discussed.Ayahuasca and retreat in general - will always not meet your ideas about them and your expectations.

They never repeat and you will always be unexpectedly surprised.

Listen, see what unfolds for you.

We are always on your side. From the very beginning to the end of the retreat. No matter how you perceive it.

We don't have to support your views. Better to say that this is even contraindicated for the success of your retreat.